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How do I clean my 3D art piece? 

Do not use cleaning products on epoxy resin, clean with warm water and microfiber cloth. For dust, use compressed air and spray gently. 


Do you take custom orders?

Yes - please come back for when they reopen. 

Do you take wholesale orders?

Yes, but only for limited items and quantities. Please contact for more information - we would love to work with you! 


Do you ship internationally? 

Unfortunately, I am not offering internationally shipping at this time. 

Can you frame pieces? 

Yes of course! I work with a local frame shop and happy to get your art piece framed for you!


Do you take returns? 

We do not accept returns at this time. All art work is final sale. If your artwork is damaged upon arrival you must contact within 10 of delivery. If you are unsatisfied with your art piece, please contact us immediately. 

Can I send in my own collection? Or can you do other objects? 

Yes! I would love to use your own collection. I am happy to do other objects as long as another artist isn't already doing it. Please don't send me samples of other artist work to replicate - I will not do it. 

How to hang artwork? 

All artwork 16" and large will come with hanging hardware already attached.  


Do you have discounted pieces? 

On occasion pieces will not pass our quality check and will be available at a discount. 


Do you have an influencer discount or do collaborations? 

We do not offer influencer discounts at this time. For collaborations please


Is your work authenticated? 

All of the works are signed and dated with the year.  If you need a letter of authentication, please email


I saw someone copying your artwork, what do I do? 

If you have come across someone copying my art design, please contact as soon as possible. The authenticity of my work is important to me and to those who purchase from me. I have gone through troubles and expenses to hire lawyers to ensure my unique design can not be replicated. Therefore, all of my artwork and designs are legally documented and copyrighted. Any copying of these works/designs is copyright infringement and actionable in a court of law. 

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