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Limited Edition

6”x6” panel with a sneakers secured in resin, indicated in the picture.


Handmade in Austin, Texas.

Piece are signed and dated.


All pricing includes shipping & handling.

Ready to ship!


All artwork and designs are copyrighted by the U.S. Govenment. Copyright © 2022 Trively Art.

Color Sneakers

  • Mixed media - 6”x6” cradled wood panels, painted white, with a pair of sneakers secured to panel in epoxy resin.

    Materials: acrylic paint, wood panel, epoxy resin,  miniature plastic shoes

    Colors may differ slightly from the photos shown. Please note that we strive to make these pieces as dust and bubble free as possible, but it is impossible to completely eliminate due to the use of epoxy resin. There may be small bubbles or dust that may have occured during the drying process.

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